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Since March 2022, we have initiated humanitarian aid shipments to Ukraine. Our goal is not just to send larger shipments to anonymous recipients, but to build lasting relationships and support specific communities – ensuring that our aid reaches the right place. We believe that the church is the best aid organization, as our assistance has a much greater impact than just material support.

We help provide products and transportation for convoys organized by many local churches. Since the summer of 2023, with the support of CMA Canada, we have owned two large vans, which we practically use non-stop for transportation to Ukraine (covering approximately 50,000 km in less than six months).

Preparing a convoy is a lengthy process involving fundraising, collecting goods, logistics, and unloading in Ukraine. Convoys have a very positive impact on volunteerism and pro-social attitudes in local communities in Poland, as well as integration with refugees in Poland. Personal contacts from the Ukrainian church HIS Church Warsaw and other Ukrainian communities operating in Poland have been instrumental in facilitating these convoys in Ukraine.

Bringing hope to the people in Ukraine and fostering direct relationships, conversations, and prayers is of paramount importance. One of the most touching examples is the initiatives by the LIFE Foundation, which delivers packages funded by us to newborns and their mothers in maternity wards. Each mother receives her own individual package along with a letter – these moments of conversation and prayer are priceless.

Thanks to our support and strengthening of many local church initiatives, this action now has a multi-million dimension! We have gained many faithful sponsors and volunteers (mainly from CMA Canada). We have our own vehicles and, with the support of manufacturers, we have been able to procure products for humanitarian aid on a large scale under our brand (canned meat and beans).

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