At the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, in March and April 2020, responding to the appeal of a friendly doctor and inspired by the actions of an amateur printer from the Christian Community “Puławska” in Warsaw, we started the “Face Shield Instead of Crown” campaign. On April 2, together with the Christian Community “Południe” in Warsaw, we purchased the first 3D printer, and two days later, the first face shields were delivered to the medical staff at the Mazovian Provincial Hospital in Siedlce.

The “Face Shield Instead of Crown” campaign received a significant response nationwide. Thanks to promoting the campaign on the Mission’s Facebook profile (#przyłbicezamiastkorony, #dobroczynic, #misjadobroczynic), we managed to activate many amateur printers and attract donors. This made it possible to purchase additional printers, materials for production (filament, rubber, and foil), and distribute face shields.

The American School of Warsaw also provided substantial assistance by donating several hundred face shields produced on school printers.

Special thanks go to the local communities of the Church of Christ: SCh “Południe,” SCh “Puławska,” the Christian Community in Olsztyn, and the Christian Community “TOMY” from Tomaszów Mazowiecki.

Thanks to the enormous commitment of many volunteers who dedicated their time, expertise, resources, and money, several thousand free face shields were distributed within two months – primarily to healthcare personnel but also to care and educational institutions, including the FŁT Laboratory and Emergency Medical Service in Kraśnik, St. Family Specialized Hospital in Warsaw, NZOZ Clinic and Provincial Hospital in Siedlce, hospital in Tomaszów Mazowiecki, Provincial Specialized Children’s Hospital in Olsztyn, Friendship House shelter for the homeless in Radom, Vigor Clinic in Leszno, OIOM County Hospital in Biskupiec, homeless shelter in Biskupiec, Street Church in Warsaw, Street Church in Augustów, Children’s Clinical Hospital in Warsaw, hospital in Świdnik, MSWiA Clinic in Olsztyn, medical rescue team in Rawicz, emergency medical service in Gostyń, Social Assistance Home in Tomaszów, hospital in Sandomierz, Provincial Integrated Hospital in Konin, Daily Social Assistance Home in Piotrków Trybunalski, WAM Hospital in Łódź, integrative kindergarten in Augustów, etc.

Below are few of many thanks and photos from this campaign.