In our personal drawers or company warehouses, there are often many functional computers that no longer meet our expectations but can still serve children in online learning!

Computers age quickly, and we like to have the latest and fastest models, so we often replace computer gadgets. What happens to the old model then? Although it was the object of our dreams not long ago and faithfully served us, today its specifications are already too weak for us, and we buy a new one. However, the old equipment can still meet someone else’s need! There are many families who cannot afford computers for all their children, and this computer may be the only chance for them to connect with school.

What is already too weak for you, does not meet your needs, and is gathering dust in a drawer, can be the only salvation for someone in need!

Of course, we are ONLY referring to functional equipment. Please check first if the old equipment is working. We don’t want to learn about your affairs and secrets, so we kindly ask you to clean the computer of any private files, documents, photos, links, browsing history, etc. Before donating the computer, remove all passwords, individual security measures, contacts, history.

Do not worry about whether the computer has up-to-date software. We have prepared instructional videos that will help new users download a free operating system – which, by the way, will erase all previous data (so before donating the computer, please archive your data, as there will be no possibility of recovery).

Clean out your drawers. Free yourself from computers, monitors, laptops, tablets, headphones. We guarantee that the equipment you donate will go to schools and students who need it, free of charge. We are aware of specific needs and have contacts throughout Poland, so we guarantee that the equipment will reach the right people.

Donate your functional old computer, monitor, laptop, tablet – give it a chance for a new life. What is no longer needed for you can do good for others! Let your old computer become an actively doing good computer!

Perhaps in your company, there is more such equipment lying in warehouses? Please contact us to fulfill all legal and accounting requirements for such a donation. Because Misja Dobro Czynić is a public benefit organization, we can facilitate tax/accounting settlements.

To arrange details for the transfer of equipment, please contact us at

Instructional videos for installing free software on benevolent computers:

Video 1 – How to prepare an installation for Ubuntu

Video 2 – How to install Ubuntu from the prepared installation

Video 3 – How to install a program in Ubuntu

Join the “Good-doing computers” campaign; you can also support us by making a donation – Misja DOBRO CZYNIĆ account number 43 1240 1112 1111 0010 0977 0400 with the title “Good-doing computers.”

The computers we receive often require minor repairs or are incomplete (most often lacking a power supply or requiring the purchase of a webcam). We also incur logistics costs related to collecting and distributing equipment. Thank you very much for every donation!