for the youngest

  • Children’s clubs

    Two weeks after the start of the war in Ukraine, we were asked to support the creation of a children’s clubhouse at the Refugee Center EXPO Modlińska in Warsaw. At that time, it was a point where thousands of refugees (mainly mothers with children) passed through daily, seeking a place to rest after fleeing to Western Europe. The operational partner of the project was “NieNudno”. This place provided moms with moments of rest and children with the opportunity to play.

    We supported several similar clubhouse initiatives created at EXPO Ptak in Nadarzyn, Torwar in Warsaw, Warsaw Central Station, and the Center of Good at 65 Mińska Street, where tens of thousands of people passed through in total. During the peak crisis, several thousand people per day stayed at EXPO Nadarzyn, and about 6-8 thousand at EXPO Modlińska. We tried to provide funds for setting up these places, as well as support for volunteers and staff (from Ukraine).

    We also helped organize many other projects for the youngest. During the hottest period of the crisis, such clubhouses were established in Poznań (Nibylandia), ZUPP (SCh Puławska), and Teen Challenge Pabianice, among others. We continue to support activities for children from Ukraine regularly organized by the 4 Kids Non-public Language Kindergarten (SCh Puławska).

    Since June 2023, the main partner of the Mission in this area is the LIFE Foundation (LIFE Church in Warsaw). In the summer of 2023, we jointly organized Summer in the City, where hundreds of children from Ukraine participated in recreational and sports activities (including at the pool and sports facilities of OSiR Żoliborz)

  • Charitable Festivals of Joy


Charitable Festivals of Joy are events for children where we have fun together, showcase clown skits with biblical messages, and blow giant soap bubbles that children love! We twist balloon animals, jump on bouncy castles, serve cotton candy, beautifully paint children’s faces, distribute small gifts, all accompanied by crazy music and lights. In short, we create a joyful Clownland!

In collaboration with KLAUN ANDZIA I DZICZEK from the “Clowns with a Mission” mission, in the summer of 2022, a total of 28 Charitable Festivals of Joy were held nationwide. These events took place mainly in smaller towns, in cooperation with local churches, where many children from Ukraine were present (e.g., Sieraków, Legnica, Mysłowice, Nowogard, Rzepin, Sulęcin, Medyka, Sieniawa, Zator).

In the summer of 2023, we also held Charitable Festivals of Joy in Ukraine. We organized 9 festivals (Kamieniec Podolski, Lviv, Ternopil, Chortkiv, Volochysk), attended by a total of 900 children. It was a great time of fun for the children, often their first since the outbreak of the war. During the holiday season, we plan another trip to Ukraine with a new program of Charitable Festivals of Joy.