of Hope

Using metal cans (from food preserves, dog food, etc.), cardboard from packaging, and paraffin, we create candles (vigil lights) that, when made correctly (the production process takes several hours), can burn for an entire day!

Such a candle is not only a source of light but also a small burner that helps boil water or heat up food. During the winter season, candles assist people in Ukraine, not only in the front-line zone but also throughout Ukraine due to Russian missile attacks on energy and heating infrastructure.

Producing such a source of light is very simple and relatively inexpensive! We have managed to activate this project in many local communities, during meetings of senior groups or Sunday schools. Thanks to the ecological element (cans and cardboard are waste), we have been able to distribute “Rays of Hope” in many schools, among scouts, or spontaneous neighborhood groups, which, as part of manual work or integrative meetings, collected cans and cardboard and produced candles.

Just from our direct contacts and supplied paraffin, we estimate that around 20,000 units of “Rays of Hope” were produced and delivered to Ukraine during the 22/23 season. From social media reports, we know that this project has gone beyond our direct contacts and inspired many other centers in Warsaw, Wrocław, Grudziądz, Kołobrzeg, or Sandomierz.

Processed ecological waste provides light and warmth, and the verse attached to the can brings hope in dark, wintery times of war.

This project could not have been carried out on such a scale without Samaritan’s Purse Korea, whose support has enabled it to continue for a second winter season.